Empty Flask, Empty Heart

by Gallows Bound

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Aaron Blow- Bass
Jesse Markle- Guitar/ Vocals
Justin Carver- Banjo
Jordan Joyes- Mandolin/ Guitar/ Vocals
Forrest Veatch- Harmonica/ Mandolin/ Vocal
Rob Shultz- Tunder skins


released 06 August 2012



all rights reserved


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Gallows Bound Winchester, Virginia

Rising from the filthy waters of the Shenandoah comes a group of Winchester Virginia's finest storytellers proclaiming themselves as Gallows Bound. Raised in the heart of the Blue Ridge Mountains and stemming from three chord punk rock provides for a unique twist on traditional instruments, having been known as outlaw bluegrass. ... more


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Track Name: Old Virginia
Old Virginia
Well just go on and forget me
And please do it fast
I can’t hold on to what I’ve done
And no baby, I aint coming back
Tell me how long should I feel guilty
Over things that shouldn’t last
Just scare off your blues
With that old bye and bye
If god ever stood he will stand by your side
And if my heart was really empty
You wouldn’t be on my mind
I aint waiting on winter to come
And the summer months are dead and gone
If love was all I wanted
I’d come back home
If old Virginia is where I belong
Send me back when I’m dead and gone

I’m moving on

Well I made me this road map
Full of dead ends
And it’s got cemeteries, bus stops, and next of kin
It’s got rows of stop lights that never seem to end
I aint waiting on winter to come
And the summer months are too dry and long
If love was all I wanted
I’d come back home
If old Virginia is where I belong
Send me back when I’m dead and gone

I’m moving on
Track Name: Empty Flask, Empty Heart
I step my feet from the hollerin’ vines
The sun don’t show the sun don’t shine
And I take all the blame
Just a victim of the times
And I don’t know lord just what you had in mind
Throw down my flask no not for sympathy
I aint cleaning up my act
So please don’t tempt me
I aint had much in life
But drinks I’ve had plenty
And it’s just like my heart the son of a bitch is empty

And I’ve got my reasons for wandering around
So if you find my body
And I don’t make a sound
You dig a shallow hole on the outskirts of town
Tell em all I left
Then put me in the ground
Take my gun, take the last of my change
I don’t need it where I’m going it’s all been arranged
The devils waiting for me
List of sins that he’s made
My good fortunes run out and there’s a tab that I can’t pay

The kiss you give so sweetly
I can feel you on my lips
The warmth of bourbon whiskey
Like the heat between your hips
You’re coursing through my veins
You’re the captain of this ship
As you lay me down to rest babe
What’s left of my heart it skips
Well imagine my face
When you take off your disguise
It’s the devils clothes you wear
And it should come as no surprise
It’s a jaded life I’ve made
Now the well is running dry
Just these old sorry bones left to soak in gin and rye
Track Name: Shenandoah Silt
It’s in the way I never
Cared for Hell or cared for Heaven
That I’m walking here on this path
And I told ‘em that I’d never
Stay the same but more than ever
I’m a mirror image of my past
The bottle’s getting lower
And I talk a little slower
But my words don’t mean a thing
I feel my heart grow cold
My emotions are the rope
Around my head and I begin to swing

And the stones fall dragging me down to the river
All of those words that I’ll never have to explain
I breathe deep into the sea and I’m falling
I’ll never have to again think of yesterday
And I’m safe
There’s nothing I can handle
And it’s all about to end
A little sooner than I hoped it would
Burning both ends of the candle
Watch the second hand again
I’ve used up all the extra time I could
It’s the blame addicted shame 
constricting victim of the game
Asphyxiates the love I’ll ever feel
It’s the pain inflicting hate
Convicting everyone to hang
Confusing state I’ll never know what’s real

And the stones fall dragging me down to the river
All of those words that I’ll never have to explain
I breathe deep into the silt and I’m smiling
I’ll never have to again think of yesterday
And I’m safe
Track Name: Low
Don’t take it all, I’ll just take myself
I won’t leave a mark behind
Won’t tell a soul it’s supposed to be you
Just go on home tonight
And I’ll swing low to see you
I’m swinging low, let you know I hear
But baby don’t speak a word about me
Cause I can’t stand to see those tears

What do we do what can we take
I will take your place
You’ll never know the cruel torrent fate
You’ll never have to see those wicked days

I will rise like smoke from the fire
I will rise to ashes in the night
But baby don’t tell a word of my story
Cause I can’t stay, I won’t stay to see you cry

Bring on the fire, the tired hell
The lighting and the rain
How I wish I could take the fear out of your face
As those clouds come rolling in
When it comes it’s like a river just filling up your chest
And you can’t hear, you can’t see or speak
Let me sink into the trenches, let me give you back your breath
And I will fall into the deep
Track Name: God Damn the Winter Sun
Oh lord wont you tell me why
This boy can’t see the sign
And I keep on running
But I don’t know why
And I can’t be forgiven
So I won’t even try
There aint much a dead man knows
Just where you go and what you owe
You can give it all for glory let the green grass grow
Or grab the oars and help the boat man row

And when it’s time to save your soul
Well I hope your hearts made of gold
And pray it’s enough to pay the toll
Or the river beds will swallow you whole

Gad damn the winter sun
It makes me feel like the world is warm
I open all my windows hope the snow is gone
And I’m shaking and shivering
No one’s fault but my own

And it don’t take a mirror to see
The chains just shake they won’t let you free
It’s the way you are, the way you’ll always be
If lies are locks then truth is the key
Track Name: Stay A While
Lay down under the moonlight
Let the cold ground hold you tight
Stay now, watch all the stars fight
Try not to burn out into the night
And I’ll stay a while

Stay down under the high tide
Let the cold sound close your eyes
You’re safe now, no lights and no time
Away from the shores where their wars are silent
And I’ll stay a while
Track Name: Highline
My mother was a house wife
My daddy worked the rails
Barely made enough to pay the bills
We climb up on the engines
The ones that he was fixing
Boy, don’t you treat you life like I did

Well I could have been a rounder
I could have been a tramp
I’d love to see this country but I can’t
I love my life I love my family
But the high line is where I’d like to be

Don’t you trade your life for a pay check
There’s too much of this country you aint seen yet
Until your oats are sown
And your beard is fully grown
You’ll be fine on this old line

I ride the high line
In any boxcar that I find
I ride the high line
Never have to be on time
I ride the high line
Living out this dream of mine
And I’ll be fine on this old line

And these are the words that he said to me
Pushed em down in my pack with my blues
And I know these roads will be the death of me
Just can’t seem to shake my traveling shoes

So I’ll never trade my life for a pay check
There’s too much of this country I aint seen yet
And until my oats are sown
And my beard is fully grown
I’ll be fine on this old line
Track Name: Home
You’ve been running so long, so fast
That when you find what you’re looking for
It’ll be behind you
You’ve been thinking so hard for all these years
When you get to the answers to all your questions
It’ll fly right over your head

You had it all
But they say you don’t know till it’s gone
I didn’t see it leave but I felt it moving on
When it disappeared it took everything inside of you
To say goodbye and realize
You were home all this time

You’ve been squinting to see what the people mean
When they say that love is true but you don’t see
You don’t know that love is blind
You’ve been searching for a path for your life
Cause you know it’s out there people say they’ve found it
But you won’t look down at your feet
Track Name: Guitarmageddon
Sun came up on the end of days
I heard the storm and I started to pray
Nothing but hunger for the whole wide world
The locust ate it all but the god damn soil

Know what to do, I better get some water
Push through the bugs and live through the slaughter
Got to the river I could smell the stink
Saw the blood red water washing over the banks

What are we doing with the baby Sue?
Mountains on fire and it’ll be here soon

Fire came up where the street lights shine
Burned all the people left none behind
Sailed through the city on a mighty gale
Left a hole in the ground leading straight to hell

They say he forgives and forgets
But only if you repent and regret
So let all the people bow and pray
Cause we aint worth being saved

Sue I love you and you know it’s true
I aint gonna let no devil take you
You’ll go up high and you’ll see salvation
And I’ll see the fires on the new damnation

The seals have all cracked and the trumpets sound
Out in the shed is where I’ll be found
Rope around my neck but I’ll still be smiling
Swinging to the tune of the devils violin
Track Name: Guardian
I will never
Forget the bricks on my feet
The summer air and the beat of my heart
When the devil grabbed my hand
He stole my body
Ripped it away so fast I couldn’t feel
And let me to things that I never
Wanted to believe
He laid me down
In that hole in the ground and shoveled in
Every little piece of me that I had to give
Until I was no more
Everything I know is gone
Every little right and every wrong is gone
Never to return but in my memory
By the sound of a flickering lantern
By the cold tiles and the mirror in the bathroom
Did you see me bleed out on the floor?

I heard it coming like a roaring freight train
From a soft vibration to a sound so frightening
But I was always tied down to those tracks
And if this nightmare doesn’t kill me
The road I’m walking on will do just fine
And I know when you lay down to die you open your eyes

Why doesn’t anyone come to me
Hold me down tell me this is a dream
Turn me around, show me the door
And let me leave
Burn away all that you know
This white hell this sinking black hole
Show the people that you know
Summer nights never felt so cold
In shadows and dreams I feel the ghost
Of a life that I just let go
I feel the fire of deceit
Creeping in your home
Guardian Angel grab your gun
We’re not alone protect me from
The snakes that are hissing
And waiting to feed us the poison
Track Name: Love & Fury
Boy I’m holding onto you
Like the ocean holds the moon
And I wouldn’t have it any other way
When the tide rolls in
Underneath your skin
I see just about everything

We got lost in lives of trouble
Worry, worry
Came out swinging from our struggles
With love and fury

In those long hard Decembers
You gave me fire
When I’m just embers
We were drinking wine and fighting in your car
At the end of all the anger
I’ll hold you tight
And love you tender
And hope I’ve always got you in my arms

Rip off the bandages
From our broken wings
Straight to the stars
We fly from all our yesterdays
And in the way we dance
And I hold your hand
We smile knowing that
We’ve never been so afraid

Well my heart was a heavy stone
I was dragging on my own
My boots caught your roots
I hit the ground
When I opened up my eyes
I saw your face and realized
What I was looking for
Was waiting all around