Appalachian Witch EP

by Gallows Bound

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Appalachian Witch-EP
Recorded by Mark Reiter at Bias Studios Springfield, VA


released April 21, 2017


all rights reserved



Gallows Bound Winchester, Virginia

Though deeply rooted in the traditional bluegrass of their home in Virginia, Gallows Bound has a strong affection for their upbringing in punk rock and stitches their influences together in a blazing fury of Appalachian Punk Bluegrass. Formed in 2012, the band released self-titled album in 2014 and has been touring non-stop since. New release "Appalachian Witch" set to release in Spring 2017 ... more


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Track Name: Empty Flask, Empty Heart
I step my feet from those hollers and vines
where the sun don't show
the sun don't shine
And I'll take all the blame
just a victim of the times
cause I don't know lord
just what you had in mind
down my flask no not for sympathy
I ain't cleaning up my act
so please don't tempt me
I ain't had much in life
but drinks I've had plenty
and it's just like my heart
that son of a bitch is empty
I've got my reasons for wandering around
so if you find my body
and I don't make a sound
you dig a shallow hole
on the outskirts of town
tell them all I left and
then put me in the ground
take my gun take the last of my change
I don't need it where I'm going
It's all been arranged
that devils waiting for me
list of sins that he's made
my good fortunes run out
and there's a tab that I can't pay
the kiss you give so sweetly
I can feel you on my lips
the warmth of bourbon whiskey
like the heat between your hips
you're coursing through my veins
you're the captain of this ship
as you lay me down to rest
what's left of my heart it skips
imagine my face
when you take off your disguise
It's the devils clothes you wear
and it should come as no surprise
It's a jaded life I've made
now the well is running dry
just these old sorry bones
left to soak in gin and rye.
Track Name: Shake
Shake the devil off your shoulder
come on down and raise your head
who’s gonna pick it up if you didn't
staring at the wishing well
low down like a sinking penny
waiting time is slipping through your hands
salvation it ain’t coming
get off your knees and stand
go on traveling down that road
find what you're looking for
so you can let it go
you can walk a thousand miles
only to find what you are
is what you leave behind
every day is so uncertain
what and who’s lying up ahead
keep it going moving on
and learn to walk again
shake that devil off your shoulder
no scapegoat for idle hands
what do you get when you go shaming
someone else for what you’ve been
there is no penance there is no sin
just what you take and what you give
find your own way don't go inflicting
punishment for some forgiveness
no forgiveness
Track Name: Broken Glass
Take your finger off the trigger
I see you race against the light
don’t go, she calls to you
water’s getting deeper
the sky is closing in
almost consumed
what do you do
lion or the lamb
you run like a shadow on the wall
I don’t think you can take it all
with what is given what is lost
the price, who knows the cost
tell me what kind of living is it
just trying not to give up
don’t go, losing control
lion or the lamb
let the darkness in
let it lay on the bed you made
of broken glass and sin
Track Name: Appalachian Witch
Sulking holds her stride through the leaves
antlers lace her hair with feathers and teeth
holes are her eyes sunk and black
born of thorn and thistle along the tracks
her hands are the frost on your breath
her tongue makes the Blue Ridge reek of death
river county ready all your pyres
Appalachian witch forged in the fires
lead the children to the hills
you run when I call
there's blood in the plains tonight
her howl calls their names to her side
I met her in them broken pines
and I asked her "what's it take"
and I drank blood from her dirty hands
now blood is all I taste
preacher holds his cross like a knife and gun
but god ain't saving you or anyone
hunter and the harvest lie the same
something gotta pay for us to stay
storm crawling down the banks
the sky it falls
sick of all the rot in our veins
we set the mountains ablaze
as fire swept across them hills
i wretched from our mistake
our babies bones all through the woods
and no witches for our stakes
Track Name: Guardian
I will never forget the bricks on my feet
the summer air and the beat of my heart
when the devil grabbed my hand
he stole my body ripped it away so fast
I couldn't feel and led me to things
I never wanted to believe
he laid me down in that hole in the ground
and shoveled in every little piece of me
that I had to give ‘till I was no more
everything I know is gone
every little right and every wrong
is gone never to return
by the sound of a flickering lantern
by the cold tiles and the mirror in the bathroom
did you see me bleed out on the floor
I heard it coming like a roaring freight train
from a soft vibration to sound so frightening
but I was always tied down to those tracks
and if this nightmare doesn't kill me
the road I'm walking on will do just fine
and I know when you lay down to die you open your eyes
why doesn't anyone come to me
hold me down tell me this is a dream
turn me around show me the door and let me leave
burn away all that you know
this white hell this sinking black hole
show the people that you know
summer nights never felt so cold
in shadows and dreams I feel the ghost
of a life that I just let go
I feel the fire of deceit creeping in your home
guardian angel grab your gun
we’re not alone protect me from
the snakes that are hissing
and waiting to feed us the poison

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