I will never forget the bricks on my feet
the summer air and the beat of my heart
when the devil grabbed my hand
he stole my body ripped it away so fast
I couldn't feel and led me to things
I never wanted to believe
he laid me down in that hole in the ground
and shoveled in every little piece of me
that I had to give ‘till I was no more
everything I know is gone
every little right and every wrong
is gone never to return
by the sound of a flickering lantern
by the cold tiles and the mirror in the bathroom
did you see me bleed out on the floor
I heard it coming like a roaring freight train
from a soft vibration to sound so frightening
but I was always tied down to those tracks
and if this nightmare doesn't kill me
the road I'm walking on will do just fine
and I know when you lay down to die you open your eyes
why doesn't anyone come to me
hold me down tell me this is a dream
turn me around show me the door and let me leave
burn away all that you know
this white hell this sinking black hole
show the people that you know
summer nights never felt so cold
in shadows and dreams I feel the ghost
of a life that I just let go
I feel the fire of deceit creeping in your home
guardian angel grab your gun
we’re not alone protect me from
the snakes that are hissing
and waiting to feed us the poison


from Appalachian Witch EP, released April 21, 2017



all rights reserved


Gallows Bound Winchester, Virginia

Though deeply rooted in the traditional bluegrass of their home in Virginia, Gallows Bound has a strong affection for their upbringing in punk rock and stitches their influences together in a blazing fury of Appalachian Punk Bluegrass. Formed in 2012, the band released self-titled album in 2014 and has been touring non-stop since. New release "Appalachian Witch" set to release in Spring 2017 ... more


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